Unified Field Science

Se missä määrin media on massatunteiden rakentamisen ja missä määrin niiden purkamisen luonnollinen toiminta-alusta: se on kuin hengitystä, eli riippuu milloin kysytään.

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Hi there,

Are you in the market for a practical answer to Unified Field Theory, the practical part being important in that it turns the theory into the science?

Well – you’re in luck! For it is I who has an answer for you, and it is this:


Whatever form they whenever and wherever take then ultimately it is them, which object-subjectively connect us all. They are an all-forces-gathering external object that we subjectively interpret, thus forming the living nature of the object, and telling us something about ourselves as the subject.

Be it a table in a room (or the room itself, or the Universe within which the room resides) or an email chain in the cloud, then media:

It is.

Working with IT.

A lesson to people that is worth sharing as a general vaccine against intelligence-loss: the Smartphone, which they carry, is like a magic wand used to consume and exert mental force from and into the Field. First lesson in “Wand Control” – the news, whatever it might be: most of the time it’s not a race to share unless all information is wanted to lack in value, which is dumb. So avoid excessive inflation, which you can do by choosing to hold it in if it isn’t worth being given the light, which more often than you’d think: it’s not. By holding some of it in, you raise the value of the information that you do deploy, and make yourself a higher-quality person, which we should all aspire to keep-on becoming, for our acts as one are what make us a better people, in turn setting the preconditions for living better lives:


The Flow of the Forces. Remember that you are always in control of being able to pull back the money: at the least by ultimately not having any.

Life in Finland.
2019: Life, spotted in Finland.

In case You’re wondering: a Gryffindor and an Otter, which just happens to be a very special Animal for me in real life, so yes – I do believe there is something very magical about
J.K. Rowling’s Wizarding World, as experienced digitally on Pottermore.com.

Science knows all about this failure thing.
Working media: a media for work. Let it be known that I consider the Silver Chambers as equatable to the Mines Of Moria: Hard Drive Relativity, as in us building the state of the Internet. Whenever you have a bug in your code, there is Failure in the Mines of Moria. Let’s not create too much clean-up work for the dwarves. If you don’t know what this Moria Business is all about, then consider yourself somewhat uncivilised: Lord of the Rings is some well-required stuff.

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