There are many truths to being a Salesperson. The first of which is that there are many truths to being a Salesperson.

I think one thing that really impresses me about the People of the money is their constant desire to self-impress. Their desire to do their best fuels my desire to do mine. This sense of infinite acceleration, which can only be described by getting it, powers the entire machine that is the global economy. As long as the operation is ethically safe and fiscally sound for long-term operation (one assessment function: can be exchanged across generations with a pure soul: a clean conscience) then acting on behalf of the growth of the money should always be considered a good thing. In the freely willed exchange of value between demand and supply, which by its very own nature creates value (and by its very own nature will exist: for life must feed – like magnets have their opposing powers), it should always be thought of positively that work is being done. Accelerating the money to guide its flow, which is what finance is all about (for example): everyone working as a Banker should be proud of the role that they have in building the economy of the future, respecting likewise the work of generations past and passing that have built and are upholding the economy of the present. That being said: something is definitely up with the lack of the pace of progress right now. Isn’t there? It just seems like there are a lot of problems sitting unsolved and a lot of money sitting unused. For an Entrepreneur like myself, this is an unnatural combination of states. The faults must be connected!

Täysin päätösvaltakyvykkyyden aikaisuudessa oleva valinta: Yrittäjäksi lähteminen. Revolutionäärinen evoluutio/evolutionäärinen revoluutio (kuten kaikki päätöksentekojutut, jotka voi mennä satakasikyt tai kolmekuuskyt, tai jotai sieltä väliltä: mut ei koskaan alle, koska se satakasikyt on se puolikas joka pitää kääntyä ympäri unohtaakseen, että ainiin: ei tätä päätöstä ollutkaan olemassa (peruuttaa ajassa). Tälleen voi tuhota menneen-potentiaalin tuhkaksi: lukittautumalla siihen, että kun on kyse päätöksentekojutusta ni ¶180 < P < 360¶ –> täyskäännös tai täysmuutos, tai jotain sieltä väliltä on mahdollista toteuttaa).

Ja kyllä: yksi ensimmäisistä asioista mitä oppii on hetken määritelmän suhteellisuus, sillä Yrittämisen alkutaipaleen päätöksentekovaiheet yleensä venyvät melko pitkiksi (ainakin jos on koulutettu hyvin ottamaan vakavat asiat rauhassa pohtien). Toinen asia mitä oppii on se, onko Massojen vai Harvojen -tyyppinen Ihminen. Asiakkaat: heitä pitäisi kohdata, ja siinä kohtaa olisi aina peili vastassa.

You may laugh about me. You may not laugh at me.

Let me introduce you to the difference between uni-dimensional and multi-dimensional realities, which the Physicists have been pestering us with ever since the word “Multiverse” was invented. Ever since Rick & Morty.

OK – here’s the difference. You have a dream you went to Jupiter. In a uni-dimensional state of being, you walk into the kitchen and tell your housemates “I had a dream I went to Jupiter last night.” In a multi-dimensional state of being, you walk into the kitchen and tell your housemates “I went to Jupiter last night.”

It’s just a case of having the tools of education available to understand why that statement could be true.

That all being said: I find that being human is an exercise in both. The separation between fully-real and imaginary-real: hazy at best, these days (how would we know if it had always been so? Could emotions really travel through time? The answer is yes: that’s what happens with all the genetics stuff, allowing us to believe in the facts of the impact of the past on our present (on an objective, scientifically-proven level)).

But can we ever know what was felt in the past?

No, I don’t think so, because for me to know is to be: and what has be’ed cannot be again, except through conceptual transcendence – as in “there was a company but that company died and then there was a new company that was like the original company but it wasn’t the original company even though as a concept of being an organisation in a specific industry it was like the original company” all of which means conceptual transcendence: an essence that lives beyond space and time as it continues to be put to use).

For defensive purposes (so I don’t get lost in the dark haze of contemplating too many dimensions at the same time) I seek to always follow my Danish cousin’s very bright realization for an 18 year old: “I am me.”

Ultimately, that’s what it comes down to, so it’s always good to remember when deciding what’s real or not: it’s like a map home to your own field of truth. A good skill to have in this day and age: it seems like the Youth really have it together there. Perhaps better than the Older do?

Thor-wledge: If you want to play with the feeling of being high on power then go ahead and start putting the Cosmos into submission. 

An asteroid? Just a rock flying around a ring. A planet? Just a bigger rock doing the same thing around a bigger ring. A sun? Just a fireball posing as the center of it all, even if it is also just flying an even bigger ring.

Then again: do you want to test your perceived might against the entire Cosmos? It is heavy.

Or does the Cosmos keep you safe in your puny tinyness? As far as the Cosmos is concerned, you are like a speck of dust: what a quantum particle is to us. If that scares you, I don’t recommend challenging it. It will keep you safe better that way. Also respecting the quantum particles will help you feel more certain that you are also respected as the speck of dust that you are.

ps. you know the funny thing about relativity between the circumnavigational speed of the Planet around the Sun and the Sun around the Galaxy is that around the Sun, on the Planet, we are travelling at 107,280 km/h but as the Planet trailing the Sun orbiting the Galaxy we are traveling at 828,000 km/h. It is funny because, taking into account our multi-dimensional being, we are going at least these two speeds at the same time. Weird funny to be precise haha because in being perfectly still at my desk I am also not moving while I’m totally moving! Personally, I am really happy for the natural service of keeping my feet on the ground: as provided by Gravity.

“This moment of not flying off the Earth is brought to you by Gravity.

G: no whizz.”

There is the saying “Godspeed” that is used at the offset into hairy situations, especially in epic Military thrillers but also in reality, as far as I know, as well. I translate Godspeed to an immense speed that God can go at. That would make it “God’s speed” because only God can go at it: thus by forced fact God “owns the speed” (ownership as denoted into being by the apostrophe) because God’s being at the speed is the very thing that defines it. God’s owning it, creates the owning.

Translated into Swedish and turned into a product, at the same time, this would become “Guden’s Fart.” Whether or not that implies that the well-branded Swedish have productized a method to rapid-eject away from the expansion speed of God-originated flatulence: I’ll let them tell me, if they ever show me a product demo of how that would work. The only way I could trust such a product is if it had been designed in such a way that the ejection algorithm is sensitive to God’s diet, allowing for belief in the variable speed of God’s system inputs: which just makes God that little bit more real than before. But I wonder how they spy on God’s diet to allow for the education of the ejection algorithm to improve its accuracy? The main point is that “Guden’s Fart” could by no means be a static product: it would have to be very dynamic indeed, because it is most likely that God’s range is broad.

I understand why God would want the Swedish to have such a product on the imaginary market. God would want to be so great as to help People avoid God’s system inputs: if that is what was to be desired, by working with the Swedish who make “Guden’s Fart.” Whichever way you think about it, God wins: because God is the source of the product and always gets royalties.

If there were to be a book of the money written with completely objective instructions put forth with completely predetermined certainty on how to behave in such a fashion that every interaction with another human being is had so that value is created to the maximal amount in all directions: it would have been written by God. All I know is that it starts with a lot of important things, one of them being Basic Finance.

There is a natural flowing balance between competition and co-operation. In our service deal with the Planet, it is a bit like this:

(Winter, take care of yourself) , (Summer, do that less)

We know all about this in the North.

Now that Economics is having more fun with this animal spirits -stuff (which I believe is good), then I just wanted to say that I imagine the behaviour of a General to be much like that of a Snake. A Snake is sort of always looking ahead or at the peripheries, but never going perfectly backwards. That is what a General does not do, either, so I find that there is a Snake relativity. I wonder if Finnish Generals race each other on the Snake-game on old Nokia phones, which they probably still use because they’re much more data secure than all the newer stuff. But the racing on the Snake-game: could be good for thought-reaction speed practice.

© 2019 Jens J. Sørensen

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