Essentially, the entire value chain of top-level advisors exists to help support leadership in the decision-making process. It is so by definition.

Imagination is designed: reality happens.

Thor-wledge: Hela’s problem is that she wants to control everything, all the realms. Dear Hela – to allow for outsourcing and less stress: work with the other realms with the Money – you don’t gotta always be conquerin’. You’ll all live better, if you respect the Commons. That begins with having less realms: not taking too many, so the others don’t get their share. You have to understand that there are limits to how much you can carry, Hela. Every back’s got a breaking point.

Normaaliolosuhteissa painovoiman tietää: ei sitä niinkään tunne. Epänormaaleissa olosuhteissa painovoiman kyllä tuntee, monella eri tavoin.

Keeping an interest is ultimately all about understanding importance. If you’re a Banker, interest is important because that is how People pay you with their holding-time to take care of their wealth. Which you are interested in doing, because that payment is how you pay your bills. And the money goes on.

By the way, I believe this is a good reason to assume that money will keep growing: because it grows out of time, which just keeps on coming as a natural resource. There will continue to be interest, because People will continue to find their necessities for life important. As long as People can trust the continued being of money (for trust: it just has to flow in the correct directions that maintain econological (economy & ecology) sustainability), it will continue to grow in the long-run. If not by the logic of the continued revolutionary evolution of innovation, as Generations come and go (as the Youth come and revolutionize the Lands, Generation by Generation), then by the sheer expansion of Humankind further out into the Solar System, and eventually beyond (I do believe the Youth will continue to prevail, as well: the Solar System and the Youth aren’t in competition with each other – quite the opposite ends of the investment sector there! Space and Youth. Unless we’re training Child Cadets? I don’t think we’ll do that haha there was that Ender’s Game stuff and we don’t want to make it real).

Just because it isn’t happening tomorrow or notification-ohh-right-now doesn’t mean it won’t happen. Decades-long investments that secure centuries-long potential: even they are at some point made.

It is how we ride the rivers of the money that gush, drip, and stream their way around the sun that powers the whole machine feeding our desires to do stuff in life. Step one: save the Planet. Step two: enjoy living on its surface again.

Your message response rate determines your working speed. Your message response depth determines your working fidelity. These are living functions (outcome undefined until reached) relative to the state of your own being and the beingness of those People that have a noticeable impact upon your behaviour with their own. These are the primary operative algorithms of sales, whilst the concepts and substances of money and time are what they steer across time and the market. What type of life those substances are steering through the contracts they are embodied into: that depends on who you are asking. But up to that point: market operants all be created equal, since they’re steering the same thing. The economy, that is. How well they do that, given relative-situation and other power-context: determines race outcome. What’s the race all about? Again: really depends on who you’re asking.

What’s your polarisation?* Never be ashamed of your natural preference: I love both but ultimately I am always going to be in for the Classic. One thing I wish for from the future is more trains: I’d love to add more train to my travel-method portfolio. Nothing beats a comfortable, long, well-rested and -dined train ride. Hot damn: trains of the future. That’s a time-pipe worth getting sucked into. I wonder when I can capitalize upon the accelerating function of the money in making the time-pipe dreamphase actually real? As an Entrepreneur, that is what I do: aim for the real thing, then try to get there (understand the motivational power of dreams, know the actual power of mind and muscle). Updated April 2nd, 2019: I just realized that the entire Classic Economy is a ploy to travel to meet People on Company money haha but I believe that is worth constantly funding at lower- and higher-levels of seniority, because I’m a fan of the travel: and am happy with freeways and trains if the aviation industry ends up having a last flight, climate change et cetera.. I doubt it, however, even if it might be possible a century or two from now).

EDIT:// April 11th, 2019: Happy to see that I am not the only one carrying this idea. Given that this is far-removed from myself and in the UK, I’d say that even this one data point proves there is an order in the demand-pipeline from the People for this.

If Facebook were to operate upon a User ID -system built upon hard-, Government-verified -login (easily doable via mobile operators), then the value of a click and impression would go up, because the definition of its human origin would be of a higher-fidelity. The thing about Government-verified ID is that you actually have to show up somewhere, in the flesh, to get it. That’s just a great quality-assurance and value-retainment access-protocol to have, and a stupid one to throw away as an option to use because of things such as, for example, anti-Government sentiment. The truth is: having ID is what makes us safe in the first place. It is how the authorities know who to protect and who to protect from.

Grounding Facebook into the public system, across its user base, through the identification protocol, is an excellent way to increase security on all fronts, at the same time, whilst also creating business value through more accurate data. The simultaneous census-like check conducted on Facebook’s operative base would have long-term valuational value for the financial markets: it will undoubtedly have an impact to see how much trash in the numbers is cleared out by the grounding process – for that reason I am publicly committing to remaining free of Facebook ownership (and commenting upon its share price), having just potentially impacted its value significantly (based on the assumption that I have supplied a workable, global solution to the regulation demanded by Facebook Incorporated’s Highest Leader, Mark Zuckerberg).

If Mark Zuckerberg is reading this: Mark – by offloading the ID protocol to the State as a natural monopoly, you also offload the costs. All of the costs: development, security.. Everyone wins.

The UN is silly.

Just because we can ask Human, then who is to say that Human is actually any happier than Dog, watching TV as compared to smelling a mate’s poo? Happiness: absolutely relative.

Reasons to Not Hate Life

There are many reasons these days to hate life: environmental ecosystems and their beauty are at significant risk, financial and monetary markets are unreliable, political movements have lost all sense of direction. History has never been at a point like this before: not least because of the fact that this text is being typed up on an iPhone and probably being read on one.
These things said, I think there are many reasons to not hate life.

For one: life is and will be. I am the type of Person that always turns the page on uncontrollables, accepting them and moving forward. So I’ve really worked my way around understanding why it would be of the most silly essence to think that the very core (life) of what I am should be hated, the primary finding being that without it I should not be able to experience the joy that, if it isn’t here already, can be in the future. Because the future: it’s still out there, coming in as it has always done. What quality-level the continuous download flows in: that’s up to the work we do. The rate of arrival should, by all forecasts, continue to remain the same: one day, week, month, year, decade et cetera at a time.

Secondly: there’s just so much going on right now. Even if a lot of it is super dumb (just.. on another level; dimension even) then at least there is none of the worst fear that exists: that there shouldn’t be any work. There is so much work: the main problem is access. The investment into the leadership and capital required to create work by organizing the workers into solving the problem: that is important, especially if you want to say that you are creating work.

As a final point, at least there is content on the flight down to hell: if that’s where you’re stuck. Netflix, public libraries: so much content. Omnomnom.

What is the fear of an airport nationalist upon a flight to HEL? That the airport at HEL is better than the one at home. One does not wish to be worse than HEL. That does not mean one cannot be it. HEL is a pretty good airport. Better than Arlanda and Kastrup, at least.

Welcome to the intra-North battles of quality supremacy, as flown into and out of. Then we also have the other battles where we walk into and out of, like foyers and lobbies (never underestimate the power-perception force of an astonishing lobby, not to even begin to mention the entrance to your home).

Then it gets very real, because it is defined in contract tied to many People.

© 2019 Jens J. Sørensen

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