IT has been chosen that the show should continue

If you have never considered Coder-Pope Relativity with future-projected space-time bend, then one aspect of it is thinking about the Grand Codemaster of the future who will spend the days reciting some really epic code.

(does anyone want to set up the betting market for someone actually reciting the above code that activated them: say 800 years from now? A Dannebrog away in time? That’d be fun: time capsules of code to wake up new Popes or similar in the future. Their initiation is like getting to open an old bottle of wine, by citing a really old slice of previously unopened code: in this case to learn about the circular nature of potential time)

If I am everywhere, am I nowhere: for I have devalued the presence of being?

People really need to understand that epic Individuals are also Human. Even though they are very good at what they do, they are not machines. They are just very good at what they do, because they practice a lot. So if you are a Person with a lower capacity for focus on practice – which there is absolutely nothing wrong with – then keep that in mind with epic Individuals. You can learn many things from your contrast: both ways.

Seriously one of the best things if not the best thing about being off of social media is the humour. After enough time has passed (I’m hitting one-year off Facebook and six-months off Instagram) I’ve started noticing situations where before I would have snapped a pic and shared it to everyone: now I own the moment and enjoy it so much more, because it is mine, had and uninterrupted. But then the humour: you immediately thereafter notice a string of pic-worthy views and have a chance to view them all, because your smartphone isn’t out! Your head is spinning around like “like like like like like” but just to yourself. I promise it is actually funny once you realise how awesome it is to experience the feeling of being completely in your own head (what’ll scare you is realising you’d lost it). But you must make the investment: jump off SoMe Ship: to experience the reality.

I believe it should be a well-believed fact that the Media has the power to start wars (a fact that is believed because it shall not be tested). If the Media starts to scramble, for whatever reason (fiscal, reputational), then their incentives to escalate pre-existing situations will go up as their capacity to see new situations (because of the scrambling) starts to go down. This can ultimately pressurize the winds of consciousness to a breaking point, because the Media sits on top of the power divide: if it escalates both sides, then ultimately it itself will rip apart in two as war breaks out and People choose sides. So therefore it is smart to pre-empt against this by holding the well-believed fact that the Media has the power to start wars, and to keep understanding what that means.

Raha on järisyttävän vahva voima. Ei se luonnostaan valu sinne, missä sitä ei kyetä hallitsemaan: se on yksi rahankantajien perusaisteista. Hallintakyky, siis, joka on oikeasti hyvin objektiivisesti kehitettävä taito eikä missään nimessä mitään erityisen vaikeata: kyse on vain siitä opetetaanko sitä vai ei, vai annetaanko rahanhallinnan osaamismarkkinoiden pysyä rajoitettuina, siten heikentäen kaikkien hyvinvointia. Ollakseni täysin rehellinen, on yksi hupaisimmista asioista, että rahoituksen järisyttävän yksinkertainenaidosti kymmenvuotiaille sopiva ja mielestäni peräti tarpeellinen – matematiikka on Maailman vahvin voima tällä hetkellä.

It has been said that Economics has always had “Physics-envy” in that Economics has lacked the predicability of fundamental base laws that Physics has. This is silly. For every action there is an opposite and equal reaction: for every credit there is a debit. Given that there are always two parties to a contract (Even if you’re with yourself, then there is past- and future-you, contracting in the now) then you will always have a balance in the meeting of concepts. It is pretty much what Accountancy is all about. How the balance of the meeting of the concepts plays out in reality – who loses their shit over what amount of lost money and when – a much more subjective matter.

But yes it does seem like high-time for Economics to really start talking about emotions, given it has been over 80 years since Keynes started doing it. I understand this can be hard, but perhaps there is a way to play emotional games on Excel – to learn. Given that using money in reality is, ultimately, all about emotion, then I’d definitely recommend Economists consider if the worthiness of their title is being given an Academically-governed, self-operated slice of equity (part of the Academic Commons) which is tied to one’s remuneration: creating incentives to continue equilibrating the market with the best available research – one’s own.

A contract-forming escape room. A contract-giver creates a contract-signing space that is as repugnant as possible for the contract-signer. Each moment that passes makes the contract even better for the contract-signer. But they must stay in the space. Could this be a fun game for Salespeople to play, or would it be considered ”Dark Magic”: a form of torture? Natural: that is one thing that it would be hahahahaha

Whatever form IT whenever takes: Information Technology (the concept and the reality): IT always is.

The evolution of intelligence is easily measured: YOUTUBE —> look at how intensely fast the Airplanes and the Boats and the Cars and the Trains and all the Athletes that ride in them to go and athleticize go as compared to before. Then think about how much shit they can calculate with all the supercomputers than they could before. That is pretty hard-ass data right there, even if it is just me saying it. Consider it an ad for the research I recommend you do yourself: modern technology and how we got here is awesome.

The speed of business ultimately reduces down to the interaction of the Server and the Served. What fidelity-level of quality that interaction is had in: that is another question, one that is more subjective.

Saatan olla Suomen lepäävin henkilö. En lepäävä, mutta lepäävin hahahaha

Muuttuvassa mielipideympäristössä on silti varma Ihmisiä yhdistävä tekijä: Sää. Millaisena se sää koetaan: keskustelun kautta yhdistävä tekijä. Ja takaisin mielipideympäristöön..

I know that Internationally there are People with Elite-financing. In Töölö Village, Helsinki, Finland: I sometimes have Elite-fooding. Your time is definitely worth the time-trip to the 1930s, which eating here essentially is. This is a super-tits place.

Literally never try and remove the melancholy out of a Finn. It literally powers us through the Winter’s dark lived in the Far North: the utilization of the skill of spitting out our hatred because of and upon its weather.

On tuplasti viestinnällisiä massaobjekteja jos tulee ravintolaan kirjalla ja kännykällä. Jätä jompi kumpi kotiin niin koet eri median välityksen tunnelmassasi. Kuljet puolet keveämpänä. Voit myös kantaa molempia mutta silloin kun päädyt käyttämään toista toisen kustannuksella niin joudut katsomaan kun toista ei käytetä. Tuplasti painavampi olo, ainakin kahdella tavalla kelattuna. Jätä molemmat kotiin: olet Luonnon helmassa.

All Salespersons-with-Apple know the Expectation of the Blue Dot: that’s a show you don’t want to have to watch too often. Especially when you’re expecting something big, which paradoxically is a nice place to be in: because you’re expecting something big. But I mean seriously God damn it with the Expectation of the Blue Dot. It is hell waiting for it to come in. In particular, even, when it’s something big.

Am I more Smartphone than Human? Ask my Thumbs: they’re the Ones balancing the pull and push between the force of me and the suction of IT. The screen: it’s not just like we go in and out of it. It’s exactly like we do.

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