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Mainoksen vastakohta on kaupan toteutuminen. The opposite of an ad is the accomplishment of a deal.

Private Enterprise: to me, it’s more natural that way.
It is is important that it should be so, for otherwise the Entrepreneur would not logically be able to exist.
Whatever that whenever means in whichever money-making scenario.

For International trade done right, investment into developing nations should be more expensive than investment into developed nations, because they are less efficient, and also because the premium allows developing nations to obtain the ability to catch up on standards-of-living, which is a good thing to support in its happening: because it fosters peace by growing the market (as long as the market is assumed as operated properly). Thus, as said, one way to make such obtainability obtainable (by up-pricing production offers from developing nations) is by paying a morally-motivated premium when dealing with developing nations. This type of act can be conducted immediately by private sector entities, not relying on any government support whatsoever to slow them down in their already existent business relationships. Government support can be of use for establishing new business relationships, however, as they have the widest human-network power at their disposal for the acceleration of targeted sales campaigns into reputable networks and beyond into new ones. So – if you don’t have any existent business relationships with developing countries – slow down to work with the pace of your Government on entering through their networks. With developing: even at a premium, over there: still cheaper, than over here.

Well-being starts with its price.

Slogan (human-crafted primarily for all the Diplomats who are reading): for everyone’s benefit, the Few for the Many People. Feel free to join in on the campaign: Spend More, Not Less.

I haven’t published an opinion on Formula 1 in quite some time – it was 2008 when I stopped writing The Weekly Wrap for TotalF1.com after an eight-year run, starting from when I was 13. So now – I have two: firstly, I believe Michael Schumacher cries every now and then because there are F1 People saying that Schumi is unbeatable, an unsurpassable legend. I believe that the reason Michael Schumacher cries is that, having studied his immense levels of precision-seeking and dedication-to-work, he honestly thinks he was not as good as he thought he should be. So, Schumi cries because there are F1 People saying he is unbeatable, whereas he sees so much more potential for the development of the sport and the drivers within it. Secondly, I have faith that Sebastian Vettel will catch Lewis Hamilton this year and win the Championship, bringing their title race to 5-5 and starting a race to beat Schumi, making him cry for a different reason, when either of the now-racing Two goes by (will that be for happiness at the development of the sport or for having been beaten – only Schumi will know). Valtteri Bottas will drive extremely well and give Sebastian Vettel a real run for his money: not enough to win the Championship, but well enough to keep his seat at Mercedes. I hope Verstappen will finish a solid third, because I want him to become a Schumacher Contender during his career.

Työkalu muutoksen ajoille ja niiden ymmärtämiseen. Next question: What is an RQ-HOP? It has something to do with – you guessed it – relativity, and something other than yourself.
Human X-Ray (immaterial).

“Aloitus on tärkein, tästä jatkoon saakka. Se avaa ovet kaikille sitä seuraaville onnistumisille.”

To me, the primary meaning of the Law is the existence of the State, which I can rely upon, as long as it keeps its weight in-check: then it is serving me well as the Market Person – Entrepreneur – that I am.

What would life be like if there was one working day, and six days of everything else? Fun to imagine: Centuries out, I’d imagine.

“Sunnuntaisuure, 12cl – se pienempi, kiitos.”

Basic stuff, for an Entrepreneur: sleeping well. Number one priority, for me.

“Joku aina eksyy labyrinttiin mutta jos tekee suoran tien niin kaikki pääsevät perille”.

Once you let someone in, you can still show them the way out of the building, but you can’t show them out of the time you’ve spent together: unless you enter denial.

As Concept/As Real: I live on Trust – with it I See. Hmm, interesting – could that be turned into money?

Dear Entrepreneurs: now is the time to ask for and send out money.
Entrepreneurs say: it is always that time.
No one laughs. Until they’re asking for it.

At his age, I’d like to know what he thinks of the subject. You know – it’s becoming one, of intersocietal discussion.

Dark Web political strategy: would it not be a smart political strategy to spend a steady annual stream of cash on advertising the risks of using the Dark Web, so that money can be saved from attempting to regulate something that is, by definition of its perpetual behaviour, unregulateable? It sounds more efficient, economically-speaking. It’s the application of advertising as a public good.

“Dark Web: We are not taking care of you at that point anymore. Best regards, State.”

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