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For me, meaning is the first thing to not struggle with too much. A bit, but not too much. Because it will always reveal itself by itself, anyway, but also because the simple part of it is that it is. Even the lack of meaning has meaning: it allows for the valuation of the desire for meaning.

I think I have finally found the basest, safe solution to Tinder: when you’re going in, remind yourself that you’re thinking top-down. Head-first, date(s)-in-between, rest-later: if your head is on point, this is what I’ll think you’ll be thinking, when using Tinder. Like a security check before a sky- or scubadive, a top-check is a good run to have before swiping.

I know that this is obvious but as I have always said: the obvious needs to be said every now and then. If there is new obvious (Tinder is new, behaviour was old) then it isn’t obvious until it has been denoted out loud as so.

Having worked from home across the years, I must say that the Office is an important place for me. The rhythm brought to life by the going to and coming from is the primary start button to a healthy life: for me, at least. Assessing options through trial is definitely good for you if you learn to start leaning-in to the side you ultimately wish to prevail upon. So I want to be on the side of: Offices are good, but I could do like 3 days Office and 2 days Home because, to be honest, a lot of admin stuff (personal included) is just easier to schedule if you don’t separate the places. By this I mean that there is a lot of efficiency to be gained by being able to spend a day or two at home during the work week, because you can also do emails while the washing machine is running. Just as one example of being able to parallel process in life: bring the Home Box and the Office Box together 1-2 times a week: plan simultaneous tasks accordingly for maximal time-efficiency output.

I believe the best way to achieve objective objectivity in a contract, meaning maximum peace-building potentiality, is to pre-emptively hide God at home. Then it will be just you and the others at the table conducting the negotiation, and then it is right-on back home to our own beliefs again. Of course this applies only to non-local combinations of contracting actors (far enough removed to make religion non-kosher): if you’re an everyday Citizen working at the Church, then this wouldn’t apply. I’m sure you have God in there somewhere, in all the contracts that the Churches work with.

Truly though an ultimate way to define objectivity is to become it yourself through the embodiment of the freest contract: definition of Entrepreneur, time looking for money to carry it (which you at all points in time have the theoretical potential to become).

On other dimensions, there are other ultimate ways to be an objective definition: having a signed working contract (being defined as a Worker), being a Child to a Parent (not saying Parents view the Kids objectively here, but conceptually they are doing just that), and so forth. If you objectify yourself and consider yourself in your beingness an Observer of Yourself, then you are defining yourself as an object simply through the process of observation.

I believe a lot/all (a term defining the range nearing fullness) of yoga and similar is about this observation-based self-definition process, a continuing health and well-being enhancement technique. The natural opposite of this is of course projection-based self-definition: social media.

Remember, in my opinion: when it comes to self-assessment, be lenient and tough and lenient and tough and lenient and tough (keep breathing, life flows, as in: you know there are days and then there are other days – don’t ever be too hard on yourself, but be hard-on yourself).

You have to choose to want it: that’s what starts it, and proves to you that you’re doing it – yourself. For me, Aki Hintsa’s Voittamisen Anatomia started the self-assessment thinking on a more refined level: good results, I recommend it.

Autosexuality makes sense. It is the Person on the track that is ultimately just looking at their own time, knowing that is against which the race is ultimately won: by making it better. Like I said in an earlier post about the inspiring effect of Money People, then autosexuality is a positive race against self mentality. It comes down to knowing your measurements, and what adjustments you make in your behaviour to make them what you’re expecting them to be. So it is like the sexuality of leadership: loving your own results hahaha

The reason Ernest Hemingway was and is still so great is that he was able to capture so much perception into a single flow of solid depiction. Serious salesspeaker: I mean, I think he really lived his dreams in his dreams while he was living: you know, I mean he probably requisitioned a fraction of a light beam from our shared Sun for a dream-event moment as projected using the mass of Venus (where his soul was taking a swing-back through from a deeper travel) back at Earth where his Third Eye was receiving it to view a dream of himself in Old Man and the Sea. And then he wrote about it so fluently because he had dreamed about it so eloquently, for in some weird way and form, it was mass-based real.

Then the question becomes: what was the other simultaneous realm within our Solar System (or Galaxy? Was Hemingway a Galaxyman?) in which Ernest Hemingway lived in which he was an old fisherman having a social relationship with a younger boy? Perhaps Catholandia? haha I mean no harm just lil joke they are supplier of mass-based

UK politicians: you are dumb. Do not hold SoMe-People personally liable. That is an unintelligent way to move forward. You are all acting very violently, everywhere. I really recommend a breather on absolutely every single front, as communicated from the center of my n-dimensional Hilbert space. The thing about sales is that: it really starts with set and setting. If you take a step back: literally just accept that the problems will still be out there, but they’ll get worse if you push into them harder, so you might as well reward yourself with the wisdom of leaning out of them so that you can think clearer so as to figure out how to solve things on a more systemic level, which you need a broader amount of time to do.

And given that society has pretty much changed more than absolutely ever before in human history – let’s face it, smartphones are pretty fucking real – that would make right about now a good time to slow down and think about things on a broader scale. Which I am thus once again recommending that you do. Systemic solutions start with the big communicative acts: and the Americans are absolute total complete unquestionable Heroes in this regard as examples for humankind in history. The big speeches are literally what open up the People with the courage to discuss the big speeches further amongst themselves, leading to political innovation that makes People more happy. Ultimately, I think that is one of the best ways imaginable to get things moving again on societal discussion: because it is so very real.

As the very nature of professional employment requires spying (preparation for purposeful contact), then I do not think of foreign Spies as case-carrying shadow nerds or lovesick thrillseekers (which they probably are not): they are office researchers preparing decision-making material for their superiors, much like management consultants but for a different market of leaders. Since they are a part of nature, and I applaud Government actors for acting naturally, I think of the constant being of Spies more like the mysterious Nargles, introduced to Harry Potter by Luna Lovegood. They’re a more fun bunch to play with that way, what with all the spells and shit you can then begin to cast at them haha

What is projected thought that isn’t meant to incite any immediate action other than starting to think differently?

Everyone around the world is living and working exactly as they are so that the markets are adjusted exactly as they are so that the price of something you buy is exactly as it is. At the center point of fiscal gravity, the price is as it is presented in the moment. That is where it is found.

Fiscal Quantum Gravity: the story of how the pressure of the entire Universe condenses a point into a price. Could this be you and your salary? Well believing that is up to you now not me because I’ve just written the question and am about to post it and after that can’t really do anything anymore than assume there was a reaction of some sort, of which some I see in some form.

This is how I can best condense my relationship with the smartphone against those I consider addicted: I feel that my smartphone use helps me look out of it for the betterment of my understanding, not into it for the worsening of my health. Its inner realm is a navigational tool for the outer realms: like that intense handbag Hermione Granger has with all the shit that a Woman can carry especially if she’s an actual fucking Witch which Hermione is.

The race to not get caught: the race to catch.

If you spend extended time on a smartphone, especially on social media, you are projecting yourself across time at an extended rate. This as compared to not being connected, and being present in the moment. Depending on the content you are browsing, you are either looking backward in time (news of events) or forward into it (news of forecasts). You might be commenting (or projecting otherwise) similarly: across time. Each action of projecting emits a string through time and, if there is enough intent in the projection, starts creating potential in future time for you to be in a location.

If you have spent an extended time in constant projection and wish to rapid-eject (just delete the accounts and get on with it), you will start to come back more fully into your body, as you are now not investing the time into the constant projection. Everyone’s landing will be different and personal but it is my extremely strong hypothesis that the functioning of gravity continues to be so that what has gone up will always come down. No skydiving student has ever got stuck in the sky: jumping off of social media has a similar certainty to it – there is no way your body won’t catch you, as long as you persevere against the more-than-likely urges to pick up the smartphone and bleed your content into it. Thought of in a way: Mark Zuckerberg lives on global thought transfusions through his organizational spirit, Facebook. I don’t know if that is a fun way to think about it, but it is a way.

I am not smartphoneless, but see it as completely possible that my next phone will be a Nokia 3310. Now that I have tried the modern technological options across the marketspan of the past twenty years, I am – at least – starting to find my technological requirements list to peg to. I don’t know if Smartphone Certainty is quite there yet: it might be a device that I classify as ”professional use only.” For example, amongst the Youth, it has clearly become a tool of profession early and naturally: so that is a great thing. But then perhaps overemphasizing unconnectedness at other times: a wise balance.

What is the relationship between Finland and Greece? They’re just a “capital letter” apart 😉

The best framework for the understanding of leadership is the schoolyard. That being said the school is always the hardest to get your head into with other People: you only ever went to one school at a time. You very rarely ever went to the same school with every Person you know. But I’ll bet those networks exist out there, where literally everyone went to the same school. It is good to note how much power there is in an Eton, for example. If you think about a school as a motor engine in relation to its home Nation, how does Eton compare to its comparables in other Nations?

This is really good research.

By the existence of the democratic system a Citizen is always predetermined to vote. Not voting is a vote that in its unavoidability is just as valid as investing the time to go and vote. A non-vote is a zero-investment ticket (you’re not investing the slightest effort) and is de facto a vote for the growth of the private leadership sector. The balance of the societal system is always maintained over the course of alteration events: natural demand must be supplied and if faith decreases in the public system it will naturally increase in the private system. People will move from one group to the next in the event of perceived increases in satisfaction: the marketing race cannot be avoided as part of nature, even at the society-organizational level of coming together: the Field of the Flags, as they say.

I am considering a ”Don’t go vote: vote by sitting on your ass” -campaign for representatives of the private sector but I think it might be an attack too much on the crippled Finnish Institutional system, given the Government just collapsed for the first time in 30 years. That being said: it isn’t as if it wouldn’t be completely legal (to advertise to not vote) to help People save their time whilst growing the money. Sounds like a more optimal formulation of equity investment, if you ask me: but you’d need reasons to trust private sector leadership (ultimately comes down to inter-leadership PowerPoint-race: it is what will be presented, not the Excel or the Word).

The only real difference between the leadership methods is that public leaders wish to be seen running around the media and private leaders operate the machine from the shadows of their workplace, preferring to focus on operation rather than communication. Neither is better than the other by default: they are different ways of leading that can produce fully comparable results in satisfaction outcomes for Citizens. The opposite natural outcome is the loss or gain in media supply for the media. If there are more private leaders, there are less tales to tell.

The main thing to agree upon in politics is outcome targets and measurements, and making sure that system-guidance is not too strong: that Imperius shite becomes quite real quite quickly otherwise, in my opinion. It is best as a leader to try and minimize one’s carried moral load: the lighter version is assumed moral load, where you just base your assumptions of your behaviour on your past and go with the flow. The load should never be a burden, it should be an up-lifter. That’s what it means to be happy in your position as a leader. If you aren’t, just remember: you’re shitting on the crowd.

© 2019 Jens J. Sørensen

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