“One deal that social media companies and societies could make is that all data is made available, in an anonymous and highly-secured (eg. Defence Forces brands in play) fashion, for academic study at the highest levels. As a source of information on societal well-being and threats to it, social media is a treasure trove. Once, through experience, People form the boundaries between addiction and additive (define the healthy and unhealthy use of social media, which we must remember has only just entered our lives) then we can realise that there is nothing wrong with social media in and of itself – simply with how it is used: just as with any other device or substance. To that end, academic monitoring would be a powerful tool to maintain the stability of the digital social ecosystems and turn the data they generate into a broad-scale benefit past the commercial advertising activities that they make possible.”

Kun yhdistää tiedettä ja tunnetta saa taidetta ja kun usko taiteen voimaan kasvaa niin sitä mukaa syntyy johtajuutta jonka siivellä voi lentää isommatkin massat kun alkuperäiset yhdistäjät. Varmaan eteenpäin menemisensä vuoksi he alunperin yhdistivätkin.

Siel ollaa. Ja sit sielt tullaa pois. Ja sit siel ollaa taas. Ja sit sielt tullaa pois. Ja elämä jatkuu.
Here I combine what I learned from Dr. David Sloan Wilson and F. Scott Fitzgerald.
There’s so much more to them than this, but you can only fit a certain amount on a Post-It. My favourite point from this piece is the floor that sits under our modern “Engineered Reality” – it is what I call the System of Flags.
When working with the infinity of thought, know when to take a break.
As One is something, and so is time: then simply by its being, time solves One.

© 2019 Jens J. Sørensen

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