A Statement from a Man

“I don’t want to be too open, but I absolutely love being on a farm, at least for some time but perhaps with city-time included in life, in general. I guess I could openly say I’m a farmsexual: nothing dirty involved, except everything. Good to be a metrosexual in the City: keepin’ it clean and perfectly straight, to earn the money to keep messin’ up the Farm.”

For all I know, when I say Blue you might hear and see Red. Or what Red is to me, but we were talking about Blue, whatever that is, to me. So I trust that, whatever it is that we’re actually seeing behind the colour, we’re subjectively pointing at the same objective thing.

An excerpt from Dr. David Sloan Wilson’s This View of Life: “Alone, science only tells us what is and not what ought to be. To get from “is” to “ought,” we must combine facts with values.” I would add, as an Entrepreneur, that there is also “could be”, adding imagination to the set of functions that contains facts and values, making “ought” possible, in the first place. “Is a theoretical possibility” – “Could be a practical reality” – “Ought to be invested into.” Don’t ever forget yer engineers! “But all of this would also have to be mediated by the State and their expertise of the Law, and it would have to be encased in Housing, distributed through Infrastructure… watched over by Media..” continues the Entrepreneur (in the discussion of the prerequisites of the Existence of the Market), whilst the other Realms of Thought have already fallen asleep.

In the interests of keeping it as naturally simple as possible, and to minimise their confusion (as defence against the increasingly confusing teaching of gender-neutrality hullabaloo, which I am only minimally understanding of – Yes, humans first), then when they’re old enough (When is that? Before the schools lay down any word – at the latest) this is what I am going to teach my Kids at home, once and for All.

After that, I will not leave any room for interpretation in getting them to feel and think for themselves and make sure that they understand the absolute fact of knowledge that – when concerned with matters of self-definition – then ultimately there is no other option than that: feeling and thinking for yourself.

Let it be stated in the name of the obvious that there is a time before the ultimate time, during which consensual in-age consultations, however defined in practice, are logically necessary for the purposes of gathering data for the self-definition process, and that Parents may always be consulted, as well. All sexuality-related activity should:


Regardless of One’s path, all Humans are created equal.

Since this is such a sensitive subject, let it also be stated in the name of the obvious that under no conditions do I support prejudice of any kind against anyone*. That said, as reaction to current trends in education, what I am more supportive of – rather than trying to get everyone to understand everyone’s sexualities through excessive teaching (due to whatever kumbaya-reasoning), since past the basics I find wisdom in the entire realm to be a matter of experience – is providing direction towards self-confidence training for sexual minorities, so that they can learn to be whoever it is that they are and affirm its value for themselves by standing up for it.

Everyone else does not need to be dragged along to those lessons. That makes no sense whatsoever. Current trends in education must not go too far.

Let it be said that after these absolutely insane times of social media-driven expose-everything culture, I am personally driving towards a private-is-private future and, when that blessed time comes, I intend to use my Parental instincts to the fullest in ensuring that my Kids understand these things in the same fashion as I do.

Ultimately, there is nothing more private than sexuality, and thus education related to it does not need to be pushed past the point where everyone understands the basics of the science involved, learns how privacy is respected, and learns that all prejudice on the sexual front is what I guess the religious emotionally understand as sin.

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Can be learned.

©2019 Jens J. Sørensen

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