The Rings of the Rings

The deepest test of any being’s character and form comes not from the departing from the imagination of childhood – for that is a realm that a healthy being never departs from, never acting as if that is what adulthood requires – but rather from the entrance into the next reality that the path travelled through imagination fuels. It is the entering into the new, not the exiting from the old, that makes the life difference. It is the holding on to of both that builds the full story.

The Ring of Rings – The One Ring, the ring to rule them all – is the ring that is prior to the ring that can be: if the tests of the soul, of the being, and of the spirit are passed on the journeys through the pathways of imagination. It is so that The One Ring is the gateway to all the potential rings that lie in wait for their potential bearer. The rule of The One Ring stems from its guiding power. The path of imagination that The One Ring leads through avails its bearer to the many rings that could be had.

The disposal of The Ring of Rings – The One Ring – into the fires of Mordor is the acceptance of the ever-increasing scarcity of time as the Ages of Old naturally begin to settle into a lifetime. The disposal is the removal of potential in return for the infinitely increased valuation of quality had from the actual that remains, which follows the disposal.

The One Ring is beared by the unattached Person – the Ascendant – holding within it the navigational tools for finding its circular counterpart. Their meeting in the fires of Mordor destroys each other, creating in return The Two Rings.

There comes a time when each bearer of The One Ring, consciously or unconsciously, is called to face the challenges of protecting the sanctity of the ring, as test of moral sturdiness. The sanctity of The One Ring is protected by its timely destruction. The sacred quest of destruction – the killing of the illusion of infinite potential, of infinite choice, brought by The One Ring – creates the bridge that opens the pathway to the realms of the next reality, where The Two Rings and their greater powers are to be had: powers beginning with the nullification of the concept of one ring to rule them all; powers where all rings are created equal.

In the fires of Mordor (recognized on Higher Earth in mediums of love ranging from the local pub to the fierce and extreme environment of Tinder) The One Ring melts itself into The Other One Ring, creating The Two Rings that form the stability of the foundations of the Family that continues life for future Generations to be had.

The construction of the ring is unparallelled in its defensive capacity. It is an arch capable of upholding bridges all around.

The sacred quest of destruction is ultimately had consciously: whilst the immense natural power of The One Ring might lead an unassuming bearer to the ledge overlooking the fires, it will not throw itself in, for The One Ring is a living object and it does not wish to die, just as no other form of life naturally wishes for death when it exists in a state of health. The One Ring must be put into submission. It must be made to understand why its fate is to be destroyed, for that is how it serves its purpose.

The One Ring deserves to die so that it may be born again, carried by the subsequent Generations of bearers.

The natural recognization of and commitment to the higher power and value of The Two Rings over the continued holding of The One Rings is what leads the bearers to have the strength to depart from the illusory allure of infinite potential, of infinite choice. The tossing into the fire is the mark of a risen Ascendant: the stamp of a being that wishes to obtain the irrevocable strengths of higher powers had for the protection of the continuation of life.

The powers of The Two Rings.

So it is that the story of the Twos born out of the Ones
The story of The Rings of the Rings
Are landed here upon this Middle Earth:
The Internet that lays between the Higher Earths of our Planet.

The thing about war is that it doesn’t end when it ends on the front: that is when it begins to end. The negative feelings of a mass-fight linger for Generations thereafter through the embedded emotions of Parents being passed down to Children. I think that is good to remember: that chilling out really takes quite some time. The chilling out also won’t happen at the same time everywhere: there must be a Chill Leader.

© 2019 Jens J. Sørensen

Eat The Pie

For me, meaning is the first thing to not struggle with too much. A bit, but not too much. Because it will always reveal itself by itself, anyway, but also because the simple part of it is that it is. Even the lack of meaning has meaning: it allows for the valuation of the desire for meaning.

Everyone around the world is living and working exactly as they are so that the markets are adjusted exactly as they are so that the price of something you buy is exactly as it is. At the center point of fiscal gravity, the price is as it is presented in the moment. That is where it is found: the perfect number.

This is how I can best condense my relationship with the smartphone against those I consider addicted: I feel that my smartphone use helps me look out of it for the betterment of my understanding, not into it for the worsening of my health. Its inner realm is a navigational tool for the outer realms: like that intense handbag Hermione Granger has with all the shit that a Woman can carry especially if she’s an actual fucking Witch which Hermione is.

So I guess what I’m trying to say is that Harry Potter’s story has really taught me a lot about understanding women, because of the handbag/smartphone relativity.

The race to not get caught: the race to catch.

What is the relationship between Finland and Greece? They’re just a “capital letter” apart 😉

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There are many truths to being a Salesperson. The first of which is that there are many truths to being a Salesperson.

I think one thing that really impresses me about the People of the money is their constant desire to self-impress, as a source of motivation for being able to carry the responsibility that they have chosen to carry. Their desire to do their best fuels my desire to do mine.

You may laugh about me. You may not laugh at me.

“This moment of not flying off the Earth is brought to you by Gravity.

G: no whizz.”

There is the saying “Godspeed” that is used at the offset into hairy situations, especially in epic Military thrillers but also in reality, as far as I know, as well – since it has been said to me. I translate Godspeed to an immense speed that God can go at. That would make it “God’s speed” because only God can go at it: thus by forced fact God “owns the speed” (ownership as denoted into being by the apostrophe) because God’s being at the speed is the very thing that defines it.

God’s owning it, creates the owning.

But God requires the apostrophe to prove the owning in objective form: does God self-create the apostrophe, or does God have help?

If there were to be a book of the money written with completely objective instructions put forth with completely predetermined certainty on how to behave in such a fashion that every interaction with another human being is had so that value is created to the maximal amount in all directions: it would have been written by God, and it would only exist in God’s own mind, because You would literally need to be God to calculate that amount of perfection into actuality.

There is a natural flowing balance between competition and co-operation. In our service deal with the Planet, it is a bit like this:

(Winter, take care of yourself) , (Summer, do that less)

We know all about this in the North.

I know Finland is all about forests. I really do. That being said: it is the Mystery Spot in California that really forest-fucks your mind for good. I mean what in the fucking shit is going on with gravity and perception and all that over there?

Onko Digitaalilapset hyvä nimike sukupolvelle, joka on syntynyt siten, että Internetin kuluttaja-aikakauden jälkeistä aikaa on enemmän kuin puolet heidän elämästään? Jos sanotaan, että Internetin kuluttaja-aikakausi alkoi 2009 (riittävä teknologiapenetraatioaste, älypuhelimen olemassaolon määrittämä), niin tämä tarkoittaisi vuonna 1999 syntyneiden olevan ensimmäiset Digitaalilapset. Mielestäni etenkin heiltä pitäisi tällä hetkellä kysyä mielipiteitä Maailman meiningistä: ovat sentään jo nuoria Aikuisia ja hyvin koulutettuja sellaisia – Suomalaisia kun ovat.

Myös itse-edustamani Techshift Sukupolvi (jostain seiska-kasariluvulta Digitaalilapsiin asti), joka on elänyt kasvavat vuotensa digitaalittomassa luonnossa (mutta Commodore 64:sta se pelien ja koodien tie alkoi..) ja sitten alkanut aikuistua kasvavaan digitaalisuuteen: myös meidän ääntä voisi tuoda esille jotta pääsemme nauttimaan entisestään kasvavista tulovirroista tälle Maailman huippuyhteiskunnalle, meidän ymmärrystämme ammentaen rahavirtojen ohjauksen kohdentamisessa tässä hetkessä, missä nyt elämme.

Meidän isoin eromme Digitaalilapsiin on mielestäni se, että Digitaalilasten IT:n käyttö on painottunut korkeafideliteettisiin (älypuhelin, fideliteetti eli laatu) kuluttajapalveluihin, ja siitä aiemmissa sukupolvissa enenevissä määrin IT:hen asennoidutaan työn kautta, kuin luonnollisena liukumana. IT on kehittynyt kuin luonnostaan: työn kautta leikkiin.

Nyt pitää sitten tietenkin kysyä, kun aina sanotaan, että “leikkivä lapsi on terve lapsi” – ylileikkivätkö lapset nykyään, sillä Digiin on niin helppo vajota (puhelin ulos, sormet lentoon)?

En tiedä sillä olen vielä suhteellisen kaukana perheellisyydestä ja asian kohtaamisesta suoraan arjessani, mutta kysymys on mielestäni arvokas. Sen tiedän, monivuotisena Perinneleikit ry:n lahjoittajana, että he ovat toimintansa aikana vissiin kohdanneet jo miljoonan palvellun kansalaisen rajapyykin. Ansaitsevat himmeet aploodit tässä hetkessä.

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