Supremacy Over the Tool

The relationship between Humankind and Technology has never been more important to consider. In thinking about it, I find that an artistic approach has been most useful for me, so I’m using my Child’s Mind below (grown as part of the Harry Potter -generation) to put the discussion into context with a bit of “magic”.

Spoken with the force of self-control, 

Felt with the conquering of addiction,

– parlay selfissimo:

“It’s not that we are computers. It’s that computers – and what we do with them – are us.

We – humans – made them and everything we’ve done with them, and it is my strong opinion that remembering this fundamental ordering principle is of the utmost importance so that we evolve to recognize our supremacy over the tools that we use to go about our lives, whatever those tools may be: from computers to champagne.

As I point my smartphone at a thing with a purpose – like a magic wand – it is me pointing at the thing with the smartphone, not the smartphone pointing at the thing with me. The magic wand isn’t using me as a tool to give itself purpose as it relates to the thing: I am using it to give purpose to the thing as the thing relates to me.

In the process I am giving purpose to the magic wand and its maker, as the smartphone is what allows me to point at the thing with a purpose, in the first place. So, whilst I give purpose to the thing by wanting to do something with it via the magic wand, then in any given situation, I will also be giving meta-purpose to the tool itself: the enabler of the pointing with a purpose, and its maker.

The importance of the meta-level – the enabling – can never be discounted. But in the practice of reality – in the priorisation of importance in the moment of action – the purpose of the meta-level comes in dead last: just as it is supposed to, for the enabling is an obvious given, as otherwise the moment would not be. 

The tool is the bridge over the crossing. I am the bridger of the crossing. I give purpose to the bridge by using it. I give purpose to the other side by seeking to go there. I create the market for the creation of the bridge, thus seeking its maker. The purpose of the maker and the tool is acknowledged in the transaction of the obtainment of the tool – when the aforementioned tool is the thing, being pointed at with another tool, such as a credit card – but after the transaction the purpose of the maker and the aforementioned tool is relegated into the past with the credit card it was obtained with: into the meta, bound to serve in the present moment, to be pointed at the newly present thing, whatever the aforementioned thing might – in the present – be.

Like a road to anywhere of any kind, the tool – whatever it may be, on whatever level of its functioning – does not drive me: I drive it.

So it is that I am: Master of the Tool, Crosser of the Bridge.”

Identiteettini: primäärisesti Ihminen, toisinaan Suomalainen ja Tanskalainen, arjessa Töölöläinen ja joka hetkessä ihan vaan oma Itseni.

Aika se on ennen, nyt ja jälkeen – aina mennen ja aina tullen, samalla ollen. 

© 2018 Jens J. Sørensen