Quantum Gravity

Caledonia, you’re calling me – now I’m going home.

We all take inspiration from whatever, whenever, wherever. Sometimes a song Lisa sings rings a melody in your head, sometimes a wobbly plate whacks you into motion for whatever reason. However motion starts to take place within your life, it is always happening in time since, even at the very ultimate pinnacle of the definition of experience – the experience of the definition of experience – time is when it takes place.

Time isn’t everything, but everything is in time. The deepest essence of being rests in the moment, when there ultimately lies no uncertainty. For here you are: always guarded by the knowledge of the moment’s being, now and then.

Knowing where we are all inevitably heading from this moment to the next let’s you realize that his (well – their, once women get their fair share of top leadership posts) story is not only in the past. It is also sucking you in from the future, when you – as you are right now – will be in the past. As in: who you are now, versus who you will be, in the future.

Quantum gravity – the strongest force, creating value for life.

Drive yourself, live better.
Continuous coming together

Associated thinking:

A larger-scale example
A larger-scale example
I'm a, Man of the Human Race, Born to understand things, First-into-the-money
I’m a, Man of the Human Race, Born to understand things, Story category: Entrepreneurial, Key piece: First: through-timeand-money
Cure, Theory-class, Primary usage target: Tinder veterans
How we steer: removing new options until One is found, or falling back on old experience
Entrepreneuring begins with sales, since that is what first impressions are, and first impressions are what you will have, when you meet with financiers
Entrepreneuring begins with sales, since that is what first impressions are, and first impressions are what you will have, when you meet with financiers. Can you see how the pressures in your situation create the potential for new ideas that guide you forward to new directions, as in the Framework-on-paper seen above?

Information-Matter-Mass Triad

Almost there
Almost there

I wrote out the above thought on a Clas Ohlson Sticky Notes note months ago and am now – finally – starting to get my own point. I think the ”got it -delay” was caused by the need for me to process my thoughts on Quantum Economics first, so that I could weave the importance of mass – of value – into the equation.

On their own, the duo of matter and information (light) are like a cold computer graphic – there is no mass, no oomph, behind the wall of the surface matter, just the surface of what things look like. This is like the visual representation of a brand that says nothing of the quality below it – you must buy to try to evaluate – but even advertisements are needed so that you are pulled in towards a purchase (so do advertisements hold negative mass?).

But looks just don’t cut it people! Even a computer simulation needs meaning – mass – behind the matter, for you to be able to use it functionally. Without mass, there is no inner purpose (the mass) to any outer perception (the matter), rendering an object unusable in practice and reducing it to theory of something that could potentially do something, but lacking defined purpose, that is not yet known. Professor Steve Blank says that a start-up is a temporary organization seeking a repeatable business model – indeed, it seeks its purpose in the world until it is found.

But so – the sticky note above. Something wasn’t right. I realized the importance of a lacking word*, and the huge practical difference between a hard equation and a malleable function, in the old note above. Therefore, the light isn’t the message – it carries the message. I forgot that mass is a property of matter. Sorry mass – I didn’t mean to forget you. It’s just that you always stay hidden behind the surface of the matter at hand. My bad. You’re so important, mass. We all love you.

The note – what I call the thought code – should read:


Let me explain by putting ourselves in the function:

What is being carried, then, is the mass of the matter that the light is being bounced – or should I say reflected – from. The mass is the message the matter is conveying. The matter is like the gates to it – what we interact with.  The light is the carrier of the interactor, a function carrying instructions for the calculation of value (the function being whatever utility function is deemed relevant to the matter at hand).

Remembering from Quantum Economics, in the concept of money at Orrell’s Base, the objective notion of number is combined with the subjective notion of value. A €1 chocolate bar has the same price for you and I, but the value in practice is dependent on our subjective preferences.

Let us put ourselves in the function above as the Light Carrier – as the observer of the matter at hand and as the auditor of the mass it contains. We need ourselves to be able to consider the subjectivity of the mass behind the matter at hand, and to be able to determine the presence of the matter in the first place, which we interact with as the interactor.

We carry the subjective message – the mass, the meaning – of the matter our light is being reflected off of (imagine a bridge of light between yourself and the matter at hand that you are interacting with, and you’ll get a visual catch of the drift of the carrying of a thought between yourself and another). For example, the matter is the objective €1 price tag of the Chocolate, the mass is our subjective perception of the value of the price-represented Chocolate – whatever that means for us – and the light we hold (opinion) and bounce (opinion-gathering) is, effectively, us:

”Whoa. Expensive chocolate!”
”Hey! Cheap chocolate!”
”I don’t like chocolate. This is irrelevant matter to me. Massless.”
Mmmmm… chocolate.”

The backstory

If you want to have a bit of fun with language, think of the word ”matter” as a verb and give the chocolate some empathy – give it emotions. Talk to the chocolate. The chocolate is saying ”Eat me, for it is my purpose to be eaten!”. If you should be so playful as to allow your child’s mind out a bit, then you’ll note how the chocolate is a conscious entity-of-mass – created by the Supreme Forces of Supply – that has mattered itself to bring itself to you.

While it may sound a bit silly, then it is actually a super important thought because it allows you to trace a path of meaning back to the Founder of the Chocolate, who was entrepreneurially-driven by the delightful emotions of Chocolate to bring it to the world. To make the mass of the emotions matter again and again, the Founder started using the promise of the profit-mechanism to keep it alive and send the Chocolate into the future, also utilizing the generation-spanning potential of The Administrators who made it possible to transfer ownership of the Chocolate Corporation past the Founder’s own lifespan by guarding the sanctity of the right to ownership in the first place (at the cost of tax).

In the past, the Founder of the Chocolate enjoyed the emotions of The First Chocolate (did The Chocolate find the Founder or did the Founder find the Chocolate?) so much that the Founder wanted to bring it to you – in the future as per the perceptions of the Founder resident in the past – to enjoy as well. The chocolate isn’t just a massless, objective money machine of matter and light, but the emotions in the mass, attached to the matter representing them, carried to ourselves by the light within us all and projectable by those willing to hold their own opinions (logically required for the making of purchase decisions), are actually a resonating wave from the past emotions of the Founder, sending Chocolate Love to the future for us all to enjoy here in the now, should we choose to catch the wave upon seeing the matter of the Chocolate at hand.

Let’s work to keep Chocolate going!

Quantum Economics: bringing you physics, now with the stories of the emotions it makes possible!

ps. I believe that mass, the emotions, in practice every day is the same as carrying the body. So reading our emotions is like talking to our body. That makes it easier for me to understand what they speak of in yoga class – reconnecting with your body, your inner self, and all that.

Ideas present themselves to us as matter, their meaning to you bring the mass, with the attached emotions, that make us move
Ideas present themselves to us as matter, their meaning to you bring the mass to the matter, coming with the attached emotions that make us move


Drive yourself

There are some arguments that last a long time, to the point where they are practically institutionalized. The enduring difficulty of the relationship between philosophers and physicists is a fine example. It got to the point where Stephen Hawking called the philosophers dead. Not very nice Stephen!

But, alas, now you’re the dead one (nice timing, going out on Pi Day). Funny how it all works out in the end of the beginning, what with things going around and coming around.

But so. Maybe – just maybe – they – the philosophers and the physicists – will be able to come to an academic peace treaty of co-dependent existence. If a physicist and a philosopher gather and tell each other that they exist (and then do nothing – just be there after the statements have been made and gaze deeply into each other’s eyes, longingly…), does it not prove to each other – by the magic of communication – that some old discussions might be worth ending, because the answer to their shared pickle of an existential problem (the question of the nature of their own being, which they arrive at from two extreme opposite directions of thought – deductive from nothing and reductive from everything) fits on a Clas Ohlson Sticky Notes note?

But maybe it is so that they have become so entrenched in their own silos of thought that they have forgotten how the magic of communication works, which is needed to see how between nothing and everything.. well.. there is indeed something going on. Something everyone seems to experience in their own unique way.. hmm..

So – below – an instruction manual from an entrepreneurial salesperson. Remember – symbols don’t judge: make of – & + what you will. Bad & good, less & more, left & right. Whatever the situation might be, dualism has a thought-splitting tool (regarding the above triplet: morals, amounts, directions – in case you didn’t get how a concept is split in two.. uhh.. by laying out the extremes on a spectrum..) for you to start considering the options with a language of your choice:

Based on your observations, driving your actions – Dualism will help take you there by helping you consider where you’re at now. Because that’s just a very necessary place to start from, if you’re in the market for logical thought.

Once an ad man, always an ad man.


Quantum gravity – continuously coming into yourself (ohh yeah). There is more to it than just this – all the multidimensional stuff (self, family, generation etc.) but let’s start with the QG of the individual.

That’s about it, really. Do keep in mind that everything that has happened has to have happened exactly as it has happened so that everything now can be just the way that it is. Turning into the corner of historical change is a choice.

Oh, just one more thing…

I am not the first to say this.
A Molpob Cocktail, discovered to the tune of Fix You by Coldplay. Like it’s all about it and then it’s all about it – in Spanish there is de & por (so there’s a little linguistic pun going on here with “all about” haha quantum stuff is the best.. the Science of Language.. of Life)


Because discovering yourself is something only you can experience. Like Aslan says about only being told our own story..
Because discovering yourself is something only you can experience. Like Aslan says about only being told our own story. Aslan is such a great leader.
Good to remember that self is limited by the surroundings
Good to remember that self is limited by the surroundings – what is the primary fuel of a human network?

Donald – I agree with you

Dear Mr. President Trump,

Good Sir,

I agree with you. Immigration shouldn’t be happening the way it is currently happening. At large scale, it is actually, probably, most likely, one of the – if not the most difficult human challenges to be faced with, because putting people from different backgrounds in one pressure cooker to make their disparate ways of being work together requires the evolution of human behaviour. Not only does that cause significant stress to the humans involved, it comes with the highest of risks, since many people love their way of being so much that they’re ready to get violent to protect their incumbent way of life.

You know all about this across the pond, given your history – past and present.

But – you know what? Immigration will keep on happening as long as the economic calculation for the emigré is there. When the value function of movement is going > not going then there will be motion. Nowadays that motion is happening with significant mass attached, because a lot of people in several places are coming to the same end result in their calculations of value.

So – what are our options? We can do like the fantastic Finns and start to rip on ourselves by cutting benefits and other similar weak anti-advertising stuff: that is, literally advertise ourselves badly so that less people want to come.

That is an idea for the weak of heart, such as the current Finnish government and its silly people. It is really a shame I have almost no power over them. Yes – self-degradation will have an impact on the value function and make motion to Finland less likely as it becomes less enticing, but despite such self-destructive acts, Finland is still a lot more comfortable than several places in the Middle East – unless you are particularly fond of bunker buster breakfasts (the famous B&B&B accommodation model courtesy of the US of A).

I – myself – prefer to be strong of heart, and that means not engaging in self-destructive behaviour. When speaking of my homeland, I love highlighting its best sides but I’m also careful to be open about our shortcomings. Not because of any other reasons than for the fact that, by showing weaknesses openly, the markets for potential solutions to those weaknesses work better. If you know what my problem is, you can offer solutions to fix it, and I will be more than happy to give you money if your ad is good enough.

God – I love market-orientation in my economic model.

But – so – back to the value function of movement. Probably, most likely – I mean.. perhaps – the best solution to immigration is making the homes of those emigrating so good that they don’t want to leave. For example, many parts of the Middle East are in many ways a proper shit-hole right now (blame your predecessors, Donald – they deserve it), whereas just a decade ago I was – for example – hearing amazing stories of life in Damascus. I’d love to visit some day! What about being able to visit Iraq to learn about some of the amazing high societal history in Baghdad? All the things I learned in elementary school about the formation of civilizations around the Tigris.. I want to actually see it, having learned about it as a kid, but I want to see it in high quality – not the current leftovers from the time the Americans came to pay a visit. If all that shit were mined into gold, probably taking some generations – perhaps with investments into their education levels to start with, the type of education that sparks the child’s mind of curiosity and makes a human being want to live so that they can learn more…

You know where I’m going with this.

How about the USA, the EU, Turkey and Russia stop it with the historical fighting (literally carrying on fights learned from history books by nerds who don’t get out much – perhaps a bit like me) and look at the world and say – hmm.. there are many shit things going on.. perhaps we’ve caused some of them by acting or not acting.. does our conscience need a cleansing?.. how are the shit things pre-empted most effectively for the long-term so that we can envision a future of less shit (and less conscience cleansing), more gold, and thus be really pumped about getting to work everyday because our motion is in the direction of shit-to-gold instead of gold-to-shit?

How indeed? What things to focus on to rebuild societies? Someone’s going to need a super solid cubicle to figure this one out, and some real hard-ass currency to fund it.

ps. yes – Donald – your mouth is attached to your brain, should you choose for it to be so. Your brain will have an easier time catching up to your mouth if you shave off just a tad of mouth-speed. Like a racing car, going through a corner too fast makes you slower, not faster (hence the necessity of the word too). But OMG you have no idea how fun it was to listen to you talk about “organs”. It’s been a while since the jokes got down to that level.. the best level of all!

Weapons-powered bullying or education-powered quality?
Weapons-powered bullying or education-powered quality? Which fundamental co-operative factor builds more trust amongst currency-market participants? Is participating in one market easier to sell than the other? How do morals play a role in currency choices? Dollar or Euro?

I am a Capitanistic Thinker

Käytännössä samoja asioita.
Käytännössä samoja asioita – vallanjaollisten epätasapainoisuuksien huipentumia.

I am a Capitanistic Thinker. This means that I believe in everything and nothing all at the same time. Put simply – it means I have no presumptions about correct approaches of thought until faced with a situation requiring a solution. Simultaneously, I have every presumption about the correct way to think, because I believe in my own capacity to solve problems, am at peace with my base of morals, and trust my instincts to say “no” when I end up immersed in an area of thought that I have no stake in.

So, if I am in a situation where I am solving something, then I take no shit. Like one of my highest idols, the Good Sir Kimi Räikkönen, says, “Leave me alone – I know what I’m doing”. Of course – Kimi – we know to listen, as well, if the situation requires it:

Capitanism is awesome
Capitanism is awesome

Let’s take a couple of examples of using the Mind Map of Capitanism:

Natural resources: when faced with a situation concerning the scarcity of natural resources, my capitanistic senses lead me to what would traditionally be considered a communistic pattern of thought. Let’s face it – we all share one Planet, one Sun, and thus we simply have to accept that we must all be friends and learn to get along, because we all depend on the same aggregate resources to live our lives and, thus – to be good people – we have to accept that we all own the Commons of Nature. However – when it comes to what must be done with the natural resources, I have to say that it really depends. There are situations requiring fast motion where a General’s Attitude is needed and – if faced with such a moment in leadership – I would be the first to pan hard right at the bottom and assume a military leader’s authoritarian authority, in the name of everyone’s best interest (and hope for the best that I’m right with my solution – otherwise it’s my ass, not theirs). When faced with a situation where there is time to listen, then surely we pan soft left towards democracy, in the name of holding the peace, and maintaining our own sanity. Taking absolute responsibility for everyone – going Full Captain by diving deep-right – sounds like an insane amount of pressure to withstand.

A flag: a national flag belongs to everyone, since every citizen is from somewhere and thus has the right to think for themselves about what the flag is all about. What’s it like to live where I live – to be where I am being? When faced with a situation concerning national identity, I always dive square-root of two left-down and hold the trajectory as hard as I can, until I run into someone who’s trying to own the flag for themselves, and punch it hard square-root of two top-right to let them know what I think about everyone’s right to an opinion about where they live.

My house: always hard up, ready to go left or right depending on who has the best idea about what game to play or which movie to watch. In my house, I decide – ultimately – whether the best idea comes from me or you.

Oikeus omaan ajatteluun
Oikeus omaan ajatteluun


Time eases the pain of historical stupidity
Time eases the pain of historical stupidity



Written to the tunes of Toto.