On the value of education

It’s really important to remember the kids and their desire to learn, in everything that we do. They came to live a life on this planet, through their trust in us, all expecting to learn how it all works so that they’re ready to take over the helm some day. I rely upon a natural logic that kids’ naturally have a never-ending expectation to learn, because they inherently know they’re growing up and taking charge of their families lives.

That makes education the most important thing for me, education based on the natural constraints of logic and math, like all proper science ultimately is. The order of words and the wisdom of numbers, the base level of all academia, creates the science fuelling our education system, which in turn accelerates our kids towards their own adult lives.

As education is what catapults our kids into the real world, then it is clear to see how our kids have a vested stake in the quality of their education, and they are always owed the best quality. It is in the nature of the job of any parent to want to have their children educated as well as possible to meet the challenges of their upcoming adult lives. I feel as if I am writing very obvious points, but points that deserve to be said every now and then, despite their obviousness.

Education fosters curiosity. A curious child would always, internally, be able to explain to themselves why it is that they were so curious about something.

Curiosity should be fostered. The desire for knowledge that curiosity brings, inherent in all of us, allows us to tap the positive imagination required to see the value in just about anything that we come across. If we can understand how easy it is to be curious about something, then we can understand how easy it is to see value in all kinds of things. Curiosity is more than a virtue: it is a source of equity, of purpose in life, of respect for something outside of oneself and for the things that others respect, regardless of your own opinion of the things in question.

To foster curiosity and keep it blossoming throughout the years, having a culture of education and learning is immensely important to any society. It is likely a strong predictor of life expectancy in any nation.

Education and learning isn’t just about saying lofty things and making financial investments: it is about a culture where the activity of learning through the meta-activity of education is respected. The alternative is a culture where everyone thinks they learned everything that they did in life on their own: giving no value to the other people who surrounded them in their life stories. Surely all individuals have moments in their lives where things truly came down to them (you know, at least in bed), but recognizing the value of others is recognizing the value of society, itself.

This means that going through the preparatory practice of education, learning from others’ past knowledge and experience behind that knowledge, from the successful and failed experiments of history, is as important as basic parental love to any child. Education should be on the level of parental love.

Learning through education embeds a healthy dose of respect into the growth path of our youth, and respect is a fundamental ingredient required for societal stability and everyone’s sense of security. Building that sense of security, at the end of the day, is what the job of the government is in tumultuous times.

Education would be the best, calming investment that governments could make right now; alongside making sure the Unemployment Office and system as a whole is working as well as it can.